Backflow Repairs

When water flows in the opposite intended direction through a plumbing line, it's called backflow. If the water backs up in your city’s sewer system, the backflow of sewage can enter your home through drains, toilets, sinks, and tubs.


Sudden downpours from heavy rains put your home at risk for flooding. Regular rainwater is enough of a problem, but sewage filling your basement presents a serious health risk. Either scenario can cause permanent damage to your flooring, appliances, furniture, and other belongings. A backflow preventer is an invaluable asset for protecting your home. Your home insurance provider may give you a lower premium if a backflow preventer is installed in your home’s plumbing system.


A backflow preventer stops backflow from occurring. It’s an automatic flap inside a main plumbing valve that senses when water or sewage is flowing in the wrong direction. Little floating devices on either side of the flap keep track of fluid levels. The flap automatically closes when the flotation device raises on the wrong side of the flap. When the water levels return to normal, the flap will open. Then your water flow will automatically be restored.

A backflow preventer also prevents the water from a commercial or residential building from backing up into the city water system. This keeps the public drinking water safe from contamination.


Our trained technicians at R & R Plumbing can install the backflow preventer on the main sewer line connected to your home. We can install it in new construction or retrofit it in an existing home. Then you will be protected from heavy rains that can cause the city sewer system to experience overflow. With a backflow preventer, rainwater and sewage will not be allowed to enter your home’s plumbing system.

If your home has a basement, or if your ground floor is close to street level, you have an elevated risk of sewer backup. It’s important to make sure your home is protected, and we can help you eliminate the risk by installing a backflow preventer.


According to Ohio law, all backflow preventers must be tested and certified every year by a trained certification specialist. At R & R Plumbing, we have several certification specialists on staff to make sure that your backflow preventer is working properly. We will also remind you every year when your testing needs to be done.

When we perform the test, we’ll make sure your valve is free from any debris and ensure the parts have free movement. We’ll replace any parts that are worn. We will use sanitary procedures to keep your water supply clean.

If you have recently received a letter from your water purveyor informing you that your backflow prevention device requires testing, just give us a call. We can walk you through the process and take care of the testing and all associated paperwork. If you live in the Akron or Canton area, you can trust us to install and maintain your backflow preventer.