Do you have clogged lines in your downspouts? This could cause water to accumulate you’re your foundation and damage your home. The strength of your foundation is improved when water flows away from your home during storms. You need to keep clean downspouts all year long to protect your home.

R & R Plumbing will ensure your downspouts are clear, whether you have traditional downspouts or underground lines. If you live in the Akron or Canton areas, we are here to help.


Downspouts function by channeling water away from your home.  A normal rainfall will cause thousands of gallons of water to fall on your roof. Gutters catch the water and funnel it to the downspouts. The downspouts carry the water away from your home to prevent pooling in and around your foundation. If you have underground lines, they continue to carry water away from your home toward a trench, basin, or drain.


Your downspouts may be clogged if you notice any of these signs:

  • Gutters overflowing with water

  • Large puddles of water or flowing water in your lawn on top of underground lines

  • Wet spots or water stains inside your home near underground lines

Over time, underground lines can break down or house-mounted lines can become disconnected. We can fix these problems for you to stop the problems.

Even if your gutters and traditional downspouts are working well, you may still be at risk for foundation problems when you lack underground lines. If you don’t have underground lines carrying water further away from your home, we can install them to dry out your basement and fix soggy areas in your lawn.

We will install underground lines at the proper angles to make sure water is draining correctly. Give us a call if you need assistance in the northeastern Ohio area.


When your downspouts are clogged, it can be a big hassle to clean them yourself. Our licensed and insured team will use cameras to inspect your downspouts, find the clogs and get the water flowing freely again. Even if your clog is underground, we can use sophisticated equipment to locate the clog and remove it.

No matter what the issue is for you, our team will inspect, diagnose and correct the problem. We may need to redirect lines for improved runoff or replace broken lines.


It’s important to keep downspouts in good working order all year round, since northeastern Ohio has frequent rain and snowfall. To keep your foundation strong, call the experts at R & R Plumbing to fix your downspouts. We’ll help prevent structure damage and restore your peace of mind.