Some drain problems are simple and can be fixed on your own. However, other drain problems threaten to damage your home or cause risk to your health. When you have a big problem, you can rely on the team at R & R Plumbing to solve it in a hurry.


In an emergency drain situation, a licensed and insured plumber is often the only person who can reliably fix your problem. Here are the types of situations when you need to call us for help:


Heavy rains can quickly cause water to pool in your basement, causing damage to your home and furnishings. If you have standing water in your basement, you can rely on R & R Plumbing to provide emergency solutions.

You can’t afford to wait to fix a flooded basement. Backed-up water from a city supply or septic system can contain toxic waste, which can threaten your family’s health. We have equipment that can remove the water in a hurry and free the clog that is damaging your home.

We will diagnose the problem and offer solutions, so the water doesn’t back up again. You may have tree roots that have invaded your underground lines, and we can replace them to prevent future damage. We can also replace deteriorated sewer lines and install a backflow valve to keep your home safe.


A backed-up toilet can create significant headaches for you and your family. If you can’t resolve the problem with a plunger, your toilet may overflow when it fills up after a flush. That’s when you need to call the experts at R & R Plumbing to provide an emergency solution.

We will determine where the clog is and remove it with our specialized equipment. Whether the clog is in your house plumbing or the sewer pipes, we can resolve it in a hurry.

You may have a slow operating toilet that simply isn’t sufficient for your needs. We can also replace your toilet to decrease the chances of overflow in the future.


Kitchen sinks often back up due to food and oil residue. Bathroom sinks get clogged with hair and products. If you have tried unclogging the mess yourself but you aren’t making any headway, it may be time to call a professional.

When your kitchen sink is out of order, it puts a kink in your family’s schedule. You can’t effectively cook, wash dishes or have water from the tap for drinking.

Bathroom sink clogs are also a problem. They can slow your ability to get ready for work or school and create major hassles.

We can provide emergency help for your clogged sink drains. We will use a drain snake or other flushing techniques to get rid of the clogs you can’t reach. In a short house call, we can solve the problem for you if you live in the Akron or Canton areas.


If the water isn’t draining properly when you take a shower or bath, you may need emergency drain service. A clogged tub or shower can disrupt the routines of everyone in your home, so a quick solution is often necessary.

We can unclog your shower or tub drain to get it working as fast as possible. Call us for your emergency drain service needs in northeastern Ohio.