Do you have a drain problem you want fixed once and for all? Many drain problems can be fixed by snaking a cable through a clogged pipe. However, hydro jetting is an effective solution for cleaning out your pipes with more effectiveness. The skilled team at R & R Plumbing offers hydrojetting to customers in the northeastern Ohio area.


Hydro jetting is a specialized plumbing process that uses high-pressure water to clean your pipes. We shoot water at up to 5,000 psi through your sewer lines. The high-pressure water is strong enough to remove any obstacles in the lines.

Our plumbing specialists use a large tank of water and a special hose that withstands high pressure. We will adjust the water pressure depending on the pipe conditions in your home. We insert the pressured water from the downstream portion of your plumbing system. The pressurized water scrubs out your pipes, then flows back down with gravity to exit your home.


The traditional method of clearing blocked plumbing lines is called cabling or snaking. Plumbers can use a tool with a hand crank attached to a metal tube with a cable inside. The cable has blades or an auger to power through a clog. Plumbers snake the cable through the pipes until they meet resistance, then use the hand crank to turn the cable and break up the clog.

Cabling is fine for minor clogs, but hydro jetting is a more thorough solution. Here are the main advantages of hydro jetting:

  • Removes the clogs completely

  • Can break up tree roots

  • Removes all mineral and grease buildup from pipe walls

  • Reduces trauma to your pipes as compared to cabling

A skilled plumber will know if hydro jetting is a better solution for you.


Call the experts at R & R Plumbing to know if hydro jetting is the best solution for you. We will use a camera to inspect your lines and assess whether your pipes are damaged. Hydro jetting can cause more damage to weak or cracked pipes, so we will first conduct a thorough investigation before using this process.

If you have years of buildup from minerals or sludge, hydro jetting can greatly improve your water flow. If tree roots are invading your underground pipes, hydro jetting can be the quickest and most cost-effective solution. We will also use hydro jetting before lining your pipes, since pipes cannot be property lined if roots or debris are clogging your pipes.

Hydro jetting can save you money over time by clearing out the problem once and for all. You can deal with fewer clogs and house calls by getting a single hydro jetting treatment from us.


Whether you live in the Akron or Canton area, you can trust R & R Plumbing  to provide trusted service for your hydrojetting needs.

A novice plumber may not understand the right pressure to use and possibly cause further damage to your pipes. We have the right equipment to visually inspect your system and correctly assess the needs. If tree roots have caused significant damage, you may need pipe replacement rather than hydro jetting.

You can trust our decades of experience with various homes in the northeastern Ohio area. Call us today for an initial hydro jetting consultation.