Water leaks can cause big problems in your home. Your floors and ceilings can be damaged and you can face significant replacement costs. Your water bill may be higher than necessary with a hidden leak. The pros at R & R Plumbing have had years of experience in finding and stopping costly leaks in northeastern Ohio.

With our technicians’ expertise, you’ll experience high quality service whether you live in Akron or Canton. We’ll provide an initial consultation, a detection process, and patching and prevention.


  • You can hear water running when no taps are open.

  • Your water pressure is suddenly lower for no reason.

  • Your water bill climbs without explanation.

  • Foundation cracks appear in your walls.

  • Grass or plants near your foundation experience uneven growth.

  • The soil around your home is shifted or uneven.

  • Slab floors have warm spots.

  • Discoloring appears on your ceiling tiles or in your wood floors.

  • Sour or stale smells emanate from flooring or walls.

Our highly trained technicians will efficiently locate and repair your leaks the first time. We will make sure the job is done right so no more damage occurs in your home. We have sophisticated technology to detect leaks. With our tools, we can create minimal invasion to find the leaks. We can locate leaks inside the home or in outdoor locations like drains and swimming pools.


First, we will conduct a general inspection and look for obvious indications of water leaks. When we find the issue, we will track it back to its source. Then we will repair or replace the connector, pipe, or fixture where the leak is originating.

Common reasons for leaks include the following:

  • Aging plumbing connections

  • Improper initial plumbing installation

  • Water pressure or temperature changes

  • Freezing outdoor temperatures

  • Stress from vibrations

  • Stray electrical currents that cause pipes to rust

Depending on the type of leak, the fix may be a quick patch, a simple valve replacement, or an easy joint tightening. More extensive repairs, such as plumbing line replacement, will be determined upon inspection, and we’ll provide you an estimate.


If your home was built on a concrete slab, the foundation is prone to shifting, especially during dry periods. Any plumbing lines that run underneath slabs will shift along with the slab. Too much shifting can cause leaks to develop. Slow leaks underneath the slab can cause even more shifting and more leakage.

The earlier a leak is detected, the better chance that less damage will occur. Wait too long, and a pipe could burst and flood every room on the main floor, or the slab itself could break and cave. Your floors, appliances, and furniture will all be damaged, and your replacement costs will go way up. Foundation repair can be expensive, making leak detection even more important.

If you need help with a leak in northeastern Ohio, call the experts at R & R Plumbing for an appointment. We’ll make sure to find your leak right away and restore your plumbing to working order.