When you need a new faucet, we can help you quickly update it and even help save you money. A leaking faucet can cost hundreds of dollars per year in added water costs. Sometimes replacing a faucet is a more affordable choice than fixing it. Our technicians at R & R Plumbing can install a new faucet in your home, no matter what type you need.


You can choose from four main faucet types for the sinks in your home. Here is a quick description of the four different types.

  1. Compression: A screw and washer press against a valve to allow water to flow.

  2. Ball: A ball presses against the valve and adjusts the water temperature.

  3. Disc: This type is similar to the ball but comes in a disc shape instead.

  4. Single-Handled Cartridge: The hot water and cold water flows are controlled by a single unit.

Your personal preference and your budget will affect your choice of faucet type. We can help you narrow down your choices based on the unique needs of your family, no matter where you live in northeastern Ohio.


There are thousands of choices for different faucet styles and designs. In the kitchen, you may like a pull-out spray faucet, or single-handled faucets with a separate spray. You can choose two-handled center faucets as well. A new trend is a wall-mounted faucet above the stove area to allow for easy filling of pots right on the stovetop.

In the bathroom, you also have many choices for the style you want to achieve. We can help you select the best faucet to complement your décor and your particular needs. Faucets come in a variety of finishes, from dark oil-rubbed bronze to bright, shiny chrome, and we can help you find the right faucet in a finish to match the rest of your hardware.


Faucet prices vary widely based on the brand and the type of material used. A compression model may cost as little as $50, while a high-quality, name-brand kitchen faucet could cost several hundred dollars. The better quality you can afford, the longer your faucet will last, and you will reduce your chances for messy leaks. We have installed thousands of faucets in the Canton and Akron areas, and we can advise you on the anticipated durability of different types of faucets.


Some homeowners are skilled enough to install new faucets with few problems. But you might try it yourself and end up spending more in the long run because the faucet does not work or causes leaks. An improper installation can cause costly damage to your cabinetry and flooring. It could also raise your water bill with leaks you don’t even realize are occurring.

The good news is that our technicians are highly skilled and able to install a new faucet quickly and efficiently. We will get the job done right the first time. You can trust us because we are fully bonded and insured, and we are known for our decades of experience.

Call us today for an estimate. The experts at R & R Plumbing will be happy to assist you in upgrading your kitchen or bathroom faucets.