Whether you have a remodeling or new construction project, the technicians at R & R Plumbing can install a new toilet for you.

If you are replacing an old or broken toilet, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in water costs every year just by getting an update. We’ll explain what types of toilets can save you money and work best for your family’s needs.


Toilets come in two main types, which will have a major impact on the cost of the installation.

At the lower end of the price range, round toilet bowls with a two-piece design are the least expensive options. They are ideal for small bathrooms, even with only two feet of space between the toilet and the facing wall. Round toilets are also good for children to use because they are smaller. The less expensive the toilet, the higher likelihood that the bowl and tank will be in two separate pieces.

On the middle to higher end of the price range, elongated toilets are a popular choice. They are more comfortable for adults to use. They can also complement a room’s style better than a round toilet. They also use more water to flush, and the flushing action is more powerful. Elongated toilets also require more space for installation.


There are many different customizations available for toilets. You can get a comfort-height toilet, which is a few inches taller than regular models. Toilets also come in different colors and may feature heated seats for additional costs.

You can choose whatever kind of seat you like for your toilet. Seats can be made of plastic, cushioned vinyl, wood composite, or hardwoods. You can also select a slow- or soft-close seat that won’t slam shut.

Your personal preference and your budget will affect your choice of toilet and seat. We can help you make a choice based on your family’s needs, no matter where you live in northeastern Ohio.


Different types of toilets have different flushing capacities. Most toilets have either a gravity-flush or a pressure-assist system.

The simplest system is the gravity-flush system, which uses the weight of the water to push solids down, then siphons more water to flush it all away. The gravity-flush system does not need much maintenance.

A more sophisticated system is the pressure-assisted system in which pressurized air pushes water into the toilet bowl. This system is louder and more expensive, but it has three times the power of a gravity-flush system. The power makes clogs far less likely to occur.


On the low end, you can expect a toilet to cost about $200. A top-of-the-line, customized toilet can cost well over $500. Of course, your existing plumbing needs to be taken into consideration when choosing the type of toilet that will work best in your home.

Our skilled technicians can advise you on the best toilet for your current plumbing system. We can also suggest how you can upgrade your plumbing to suit a new toilet that you want.


Toilet installation is best left up to the pros. If you try to install it yourself and don’t get it just right, you could have major water leaks that damage your floors and finishes over time. A mistake like that could cost you thousands in repairs.

Call us for service you can trust, since we are fully bonded and insured to service homes and businesses anywhere near Akron or Canton.

Our skilled technicians can efficiently install a new toilet in your home or business. Call us for an estimate, and we’ll help you pick which toilet will be best suited for your needs, preferences, and budget.