Taking steps to prevent clogged drains can save you money and hassle. Here are the best tips for preventative drain maintenance.


You may not think to clean your drains like you do the rest of your home. But cleaning your drains every month can head off many problems.

Use DIY methods such as salt plus boiling water, or equal parts baking soda and vinegar, to break up minor clogs and freshen your drains. Put on rubber gloves and lift up stoppers to remove any remaining debris. Flush drains with hot water.

If you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen, use cut-up citrus peels and table salt to freshen your drain. Give them a whirl, then follow with very hot tap water to remove any odors and loose debris.

Treating your drains with a healthy bacteria-based formula once a month will safely break up clogs down the line without damaging your pipes or sewer lines.


Once your drains are clean, keep them that way by reducing clog-creating substances.

In toilets, flush only toilet paper and human waste. Feminine products and baby wipes can cause clogs, so put them in the trash instead. Don’t pour chemicals or other products down the toilet or you may risk forming a clog.

In your kitchen sink, use a mesh basket to collect food particles and dump them out in the trash. Never put grease, oil, or shortening down your kitchen drain. They can solidify and cause buildup and clogs. If you have a garbage disposal, use it only for small vegetable scraps. Better yet, use a compost bucket to collect food scraps and improve the environment.

Before taking a bath or shower, brush your hair to remove the majority of loose hairs in your brush. Put them in the trash and save a lot of hassle in your drain.

In your bathtub or shower, cover your drain with a mesh screen to catch any loose hair. Regularly remove the hair from the screen and throw it away in the trash rather than flushing down the drain.

When you give your pet a bath, wash him or her outside as often as possible. If you must give your pet a bath inside, make sure to cover the drain with mesh to catch loose hairs. You could also use a washtub inside instead to prevent drain clogs.

If you don’t like the look of a screen on top of your drain, we can install a mesh cup between the drain cover and the pipe. To clean the drain, you’ll need to unscrew the drain cover and empty the mesh cup regularly. This method will significantly improve the water flow in your bathroom pipes.


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