Slab Leak Location and Repair

If water is leaking under the slab foundation of your home, you can experience significant and costly damage unless you give the problem your immediate attention. The experts at R & R Plumbing perform slab leak detection and repair services for homeowners in northeastern Ohio.

Reasons Slab Leaks Occur

Slab leaks occur when the water pipes in the concrete slab underneath your home crack, break, or burst. The leak occurs in the pipes themselves, not in the slab. Still, the consequences can be devastating unless the problem is handled right away.

Slab leaks occur for various reasons. Common reasons include the following:

  • Water pressure that is too high for the pipe system to manage

  • Corrosion of water pipes

  • Low quality or improperly installed pipes

  • Friction from concrete, gravel, or other pipes that causes wear and tear

  • Settling or shifting in the slab, which prompts cracks or breaks

Any of these conditions can lead to water leaks in your slab foundation.

How to Detect Slab Leaks

There are several different signs to look for that may indicate a slab leak, including:

  • Water meter spins even when no water is in use

  • Higher than normal water bills

  • Running water sounds even if water is turned off

  • Moisture or mildew in flooring

  • Cracks in the flooring or walls

  • Increase in insect activity due to additional moisture

  • Sewage smell due to broken sewage line

If you notice these signs, it’s time to call the professionals at Wilson Plumbing & Heating, Inc. for an inspection.

How We Repair Slab Leaks

Our highly trained technicians perform a detailed detection process during a slab leak inspection. We use special tools and technology to locate the leak source and determine a repair solution.

We will discuss your repair options with you after the inspection is complete. With every option we offer, our technicians exercise care to minimize damage to your property.

One option is re-routing the pipes. If we determine that only short pipe lengths need replacing, we will run new pipes above the ground.

Another option is re-lining the existing pipes. We can push a new liner through the pipe that will cover over any cracks or breaks and stop the leaks. This process is minimally invasive, as we only need external access to the pipe to install the liner.

If you have multiple leaks, we will often recommend re-piping as the solution. This will require cutting into flooring and the slab to replace broken pipes. Even though this is a drastic measure, it is the best way to stop the leaks and prevent them from recurring.

You can trust us to give you the highest quality service if you need slab leak repair. Our years of experience along with our licensed care will restore your home’s functionality and prevent further problems.

Call the trusted experts at R & R Plumbing today to get a repair estimate for your slab leak in the Akron or Canton.