Are you remodeling your home or starting new construction? The team at R & R Plumbing can help you select the best drains for your sinks and tubs. Many practical and stylish options are available to match your décor and fit your budget. If you live in the Akron or Canton area, we can help you choose the right drain for your project.


If your shower drain is leaking or clogged, you probably don’t need to tear out your entire shower to fix the problem. We can find a drain that will install from the top, reducing the time and money you’ll spend on fixing your shower. Even if your shower is located over concrete or features decorative tiles, we will offer a solution that provides the least disruption.

New shower drains create strong seals that are less likely to loosen over time. Several options are great for tight spaces and allow for quick installation. If you have a historic home, we can find a drain that will look good with your existing décor.

We can help save you money and time with the right type of drain for your remodel project. To avoid cement slab tear out, call us for the perfect solution for your particular plumbing setup.

Want a unique look? There are many decorative shower drain covers to dress up your shower. We can show you several designs to complement the overall look of your bathroom. You can choose from square or round designs to provide a harmonious feel.


The smallest items make a difference in how beautiful your bathroom looks. We can help you select a tub drain that matches the design you want to achieve.

You can choose from a standard drain, a push-pull drain, or a cable-operated stop drain in your tub. They come in a variety of designer finishes to coordinate with all your other fixtures.

If you have a vintage look or a claw-foot tub, we have several creative options for you. Schedule a consultation with us on the best drain for your particular tub.


Depending on your needs, we can help you select an overflow or no-overflow option for a new sink drain. For kitchen sinks, we can show you many different styles with adjustable baskets, posts and wing-nut operations. We also have drains that accommodate extra-deep granite or fireclay sinks.

We offer a wide selection of quality drains in many colors and finishes to match your décor. Whether you need a quick install, a budget-friendly option, or a designer fixture, the experts at R & R Plumbing can help you. Call us today if you need a new drain in the northeastern Ohio area.