If you need sewer line repair, you may be concerned about the cost and the damages to your lawn and landscape. The experts at R & R Plumbing can repair your sewer lines with minimally invasive techniques to preserve your property’s integrity.


If your underground sewer lines are compromised, you may experience flooding that can damage your basement or foundation. Repairing the underground sewer lines keeps water flowing away from your home to designated safe areas.

If you notice water pooling in your lawn or seeping into your basement after a rain, you may need underground sewer repair. Over time, tree roots can damage sewer lines, or old sewer lines can corrode. Whether you live in Akron or Canton, our technicians can find a solution to your problem.


We use specialized equipment to inspect your sewer lines before making any repairs. We have tiny cameras that will fit down your lines so we can see where the problems lie. The video will help us assess whether you need hydro jetting to effectively clean out your lines or if you need line replacement.

Camera inspections can save you time and money, not to mention the mess and hassle of having your lawn torn up to replace sewer lines that could simply be cleaned with pressurized water. A consultation with our licensed team will let you know exactly which method is best for resolving your problem.


If tree roots have invaded your underground sewer pipes, we can use high-pressure water to break up the roots and clean your pipes out. This is a more affordable solution than replacing the pipes and is available in many cases.

For hydro jetting, we pump water pressurized at up to 5,000 psi to flush out your pipes. Small tree roots can be completely removed from your pipes with this process. The pressured water acts like a knife to cut the roots, then flush them away.


Sometimes, older pipes are damaged to the point that replacement is the only option. Our technicians use this as a last resort. Our goal is to find the solution that is best for you, and we won’t replace underground pipes unless it is unavoidable.

If we need to replace your pipes, we will work hard to protect your property’s integrity. We will use tools and techniques to minimize the damage to your lawn and landscape, and quickly resolve the problem so it won’t reoccur.

Often, we can resolve the problem by lining your pipes with special treatments. This requires holes at the entry and exit points rather than a trench through your lawn. The new lining will be strong and impenetrable for decades. You will have improved water flow and few to no backup problems with this solution.

With this method, we pull a cone-shaped head through your pipes with a strong cable. The old pipes are broken up while a new pipe is pulled through. You can have peace of mind that this trenchless repair method will fix your problem with lower costs and more effectiveness.

Call us to learn about our no-dig underground sewer repair options. We will offer the best method for your unique situation in northeastern Ohio.